Unique Ways to Bond With Your Sisters

3 Ways to Get to Know Your Sisters

With the semester well under way and new chapter leaders and recruits, now’s the time if you haven’t already, to do activities to get to know your sisters. Don’t wait until the end of your year to reach out to your sisters to start or deepen friendships, start now.

Besides the obvious ways to get to know your sisters such as going to sisterhood studies, staying active in group chats, and sitting next to each other in class there are many other fun ways to get to know each other and create bonds that will last a lifetime. Here are our favorite ways to find out more about your sister(s) that are much more fun and a way of finding out something you didn’t know about them before and leave you with a little more insight into who they are! This way you can save your sisterhood studies to studying, concentrating on your books and helping each other rather than chatting about life, who you are, and what you want to do in the future.

1: Game: ‘Would you rather?’

This is a great ice breaker and super quick way to get to know each other. Create questions based around what you want to know about each other.


  • Start with 2 improvised statements e.g. “Would you rather be able to speak fluently in every language around the world or be the best in the world at something of your choosing?”
  • Each choose which of these 2 statements are preferred.

2: Fates: Friend Dates.

Probably the best way to get to know each other. Don’t just wait to be matched up by your house. Reach out to anyone in your sorority even if you’ve never talked to them before and ask them if they want to do something. Especially if you see someone struggling to fit in as they seem shy and quiet. Rather than seeing a movie (where you can’t talk), why not grab dinner or do something active and team building like Escape Room, indoor rock climbing, laser tag, trampolining, etc.

3: Workout Together:

Besides the obvious health benefits of working out it can often be free too as most campuses have complimentary gym access. Whether it’s a group class you love and want to share with them, braving trying a new class together, doing a partner resistance training workout, ice skating, or Tennis, there’s lots of ways to keep fit. If you’re a Big, use these times as a way you help guide your Lil through college life.

There are so many other ways to get to bond with your sisters such as manicures, Groupon spa treatments, or brunch at the cute new place in town. Choose something you’ll both enjoy and that’ll allow you to talk and have fun too.

Why not rep your sorority while you’re out together; that’ll give you one starting point to bond over and take the stress out of deciding what to wear! You could even go online shopping together before your date and get a sense of each others style (as well as getting ideas for birthdays and Christmas presents for them). Check out all of the trending clothing at Sorority Specialties.